Social Media is here to stay, and as much as you might use it as a tool to keep in touch with friends and family you need to remember that a future employer can also use it as a tool to assess their future employees.  Google yourself – what comes up will be exactly what everyone else sees.


Here are some points to remember when posting online.

  • Use Privacy Settings:  We’re not asking you not to post, just keep what you are posting private.
  • Tagging:  Remember if your friends tag you in photos, they are there for all to see.
  • Profile pictures:  Your profile photo is available for everyone to view; if you are job hunting is this picture the one you want your future employer to see.



That being said joining networks like linkedIn can be useful in you search for employment, building an online network of contacts can only increase your chances for employment if done correctly.



A tip:  Put your middle name on your CV – this could help avoid any confusion if a future employer looks for you online and finds someone with the same name that has potentially damaging information.



Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ allow employers to get a glimpse of who you are outside the CV or interview – so ask yourself:  Do I want my future employer to see this?  If the answer is no – don’t post it.